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LivestockTalk Load Board LivestockTalk Load Board

Find livestock loads

As a livestock driver have you ever had a difficult time finding loads to haul? You're not alone - the livestock transportation industry lacks essential online resources. LivestockTalk is here to change that with a free, easy-to-use load board dedicated to helping qualified drivers find livestock loads that need to be hauled.

“Hauling livestock is vastly different than hauling traditional freight, which is why a unique solution was needed.”

LivestockTalk Post Load LivestockTalk Post Load

Post livestock loads

As a company needing livestock hauled, whether you're a broker or livestock owner, at some point you have to find a driver to haul each load. As you may already know, finding qualified drivers can incur costs and be time-consuming; instead, save money and time by posting all of your available loads on LivestockTalk and let the drivers come to you.

“Finding a qualified livestock driver to haul your load should only take minutes, right?”

Connecting the livestock transportation industry

We like to describe LivestockTalk as the tool to connect qualified drivers with available livestock loads.